Darlene Knowles

Deputy Director

Darlene is the former Office Manager of the AHVMA where she proved to be a valuable asset to the organization within her fifteen month tenure.  She holds a B. A. degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences and has extensive experience {Twenty years developing, implementing, and managing program plans proficiency; nine years non-profit proposal & grant/contract management/writing experience; and six years office/administrative management experience with certification in Business Management and Leadership} working with non-profit organizations in Program Management, Grant Writing/Management, Office Management as well as Human Resources.   Therefore, she was offered a position as Deputy Director for The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation in August 2013.  In addition, Darlene has been a dedicated volunteer creating and implementing programs for both children and animals for over 25 years.  

"It is an honor to work for an organization dedicated to treating the whole animal via integrative medicine (CAVM). Our pets deserve the same option for treatment that I desire for myself.  I look forward to utilizing my education and experience in the aforementioned to further the goals of the AHVMF. – Darlene