Sample Letter: Why This Is Important

To show why this is important for veterinary medicine, copy and paste the letter below into an email or document. Then email or mail it, after signing your name.

David Banasiak
1931 N. Meacham Rd.
Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173

 Dear Mr. Banasiak,

 I am writing in support of the petition to establish Veterinary Botanical Medicine as a Registered Veterinary Specialty.

 There is a great need for the recognition of veterinary botanical medicine (herbal medicine) as a specialty in veterinary medicine. Many pet owners use readily available herbs for their pets. Thousands of veterinarians have had at least some training in the use of herbs. But there is a lack of knowledge about use and safety of herbal medicine among veterinarians who have not been exposed to such training.

 Approximately 25% of prescription drugs currently in use in the United States contain at least one ingredient based on herbs. Veterinarians with specialist training in herbal medicine could help better understand the consequences, including potential side effects as well as benefits, of using these ingredients in a drug.

 Herbs are often used medically because they can help chronic disease with less side effects than conventional medicine. They can be used with drugs to decrease side effects. They can be helpful when a disease is resistant to antibiotics or chemotherapy. Veterinarians with specialized training can better understand how to use herbs in this way.

 Approximately 70% of the American public use some kind of natural products for their pets. They may not tell their veterinarian, especially if they have been told to discontinue them because “they interfere with treatment” or “they don’t do anything.” Information from board certified specialists would be invaluable to help guide veterinarians without such training. With such information, veterinarians can better guide pet owners who use herbs for their pets.

 This specialty is greatly needed. Please add it to the list of recognized veterinary specialties.