Everyone was a potential friend to love and give presents to, for Cinnamon

He would take the leaf of a lettuce with reverence as if it were the rarest delicacy on earth

He treated them with a respect usually reserved for royalty
A gift for all as he greeted them at the door
dancing his little dance of joy
When he was intent his ears would fold back into bronze angel’s wings
with his gentleness he guided others to a place where they were no longer afraid
everyone who approached him  was a  friend to be leaned  against, a golden version of a hug.
He distilled the essence of every moment into a sweet elixir
that intoxicated all those who neared his orbit
he interceded to save a child without thought to himself
emerging from it with a broken paw that never healed properly
for that act of bravery he was given away to someone who
abused him left him in the basement for days or out in the punishing sun
That’s when he made his escape and came to me
he expressed his soul every moment and was brave in his love
and now I have be brave in my love . . .
and let Charon in the guise of needle lead you
and when you died I felt your soul go through me first cold then warm and soothing
knowing that you  left a part of your soul within me
I hope that I can show myself as worthy as you in how I touch the lives of others
Now I think that if I stare hard enough the pellucid membrane will dissolve
and you will be there and I will bring you back to me
and these memories that I try to hold on to I must let free
for only then will you be immortal
                          The Mahatma Beside Me