Matching Gifts

A matching gift is a challenge gift. You pledge to match funds donated within one month towards the matching gift, up to a maximum amount. At the end of the month, you donate an amount equivalent to the matching funds.

For example, if you donate $5000 as a matching fund, and $6000 is donated in matches, you will send in your $5000 at the end of the month. However if only $4000 is received, you are only obligated to give us $4000. However, we will always welcome the full amount.

A matching drive reflects the good will of donors towards the fund contributor, so we always try to exceed the amount donated.

If you are interested in setting up a matching gift, please contact


Did you know that many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees? And that some companies will even match to spouses and retirees? 

By simply completing a matching gift form (on-line or paper), you may be able to double, or even triple the impact of your gift! Contributions of any amount help us fund valuable research. 

Use the search field below to see if your employer participates in a matching gift program. 


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