Equine Postural Study

An equine postural study has accomplished two things: First, it has created an objective way to evaluate improvement in gait and posture in horses who are in pain. This method is valid whether or not the horses show lameness. Often, back and muscle pain in horses leads to behavior to avoid that pain, which is misinterpreted as being resistant to a rider. This study has created a method to evaluate the stance of a horse which can be easily performed by a layman and interpreted by a computer program, as opposed to having an experienced veterinarian physically examine a horse and arbitrarily grading apparent pain on a sliding scale.

The second accomplishment was to validate the effectiveness of proper shoeing and trimming, as well as a physical therapy technique incorporating chiropractic and other rehab methods, in changing the posture of such horses from one that showed pain (before the treatment) to one showing a relaxed horse with a normal stance (after treatment). This can help validate other methods of therapy, including items such as osteopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc., in a way that will satisfy those who want hard and fast numbers.