Maggie Coffey



The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) is pleased and honored to have Dr. Margaret Coffey serving as our current President. Dr. Coffey is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College (BA), Harvard University (MBA), and Cornell University (DVM). She has an extensive background in planning, marketing, and management for a number of corporations, and we look forward to calling on her skills to expand our message.

Dr. Coffey has also been Hospital Director at two veterinary schools: the Atlantic Veterinary College and Louisiana State University (LSU). A great spokesman and advocate for Integrative Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Coffey established and promoted the complementary part of LSU's Integrative Medicine practice. She worked closely with sponsors and the university to ensure the success of this approach. She oversaw the process of endowing a faculty chair that requires the person to be trained in acupuncture, as well as conventional veterinary medicine.

Dr. Coffey promotes a natural lifestyle: she has been CEO of an alternative energy corporation. She is also dedicated to service and is vested in helping animals. A Rotary member, she was a consultant for the Louisiana State Animal Response Team and is currently a board member of the Schuyler County Humane Society as well as a committee member of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.

We are pleased that her leadership has helped broaden the reach of and training in complementary modalities. We are happy to have Maggie at the helm of the AHVMF and look forward to continuing, with her help, building partnerships for growth in integrative research, teaching, and clinical service.