Odette Suter

Board Member at Large

I’m a holistic veterinarian from Switzerland. Having grown up working and riding at a near-by horse barn, it came to no surprise that my love for horses and animals in general would nurture a passion for healing. My mind was set.

I would become an Equine Vet.

My parents’ example to care deeply about the environment and health opened my mind to question the traditional ways of veterinary medicine early on. Equipped with an inquisitive mind and an awareness of the strengths and limitations of western medicine, I embarked on a quest for cure.

The first step was to learn about horses’ hooves and their role in the overall health of horses. While working as a natural hoofcare provider I made my way through vet school. After a few years of working in the traditional world of veterinary medicine, my deep desire to understand animals and the gift they bring moved me to relocate to the US where I expanded my knowledge to include animal communication, veterinary acupuncture, nutrition and different energy healing modalities.

In search of greater wholeness within myself I concurrently embarked on a journey of personal growth. This allowed me to deepen my ability to support people and animals on their path. I continued my studies and earned a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, California, and went on to complete a program of Soul-Centered Leadership from the same school.

Never tired of discovering more about the cause of disease and how to assist others’ healing, I expanded my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College and became certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (aka. Chiropractic Care) by The Healing Oasis in Wisconsin.

My never resting inquisitive mind also took me on the adventure to studying functional neurology to be able to help animals function at a higher level. Together with Applied Kinesiology, this is proving to be an extraordinary healing tool.

In recent years my path changed course to include more and more small animals into my practice, satisfying my desire to practice functional medicine. As a Small Animal Vet I get to translate what I learn from my human doctor colleagues to my small furry friends.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to practice holistic veterinary medicine and hone my skills with several leading holistic veterinarians and chiropractic neurologists and of course many animals. The amount I’ve learned has far surpassed my expectations and I feel so blessed for having such generous mentors (humans and animals).

My intention is to guide individuals on a journey to well-being that integrates body, mind, emotions and spirit, while taking into account the environment we live in.