Darlene Knowles

Chief Financial Officer/Executive Director

Darlene was the former Office Manager/Executive Secretary of the AHVMAssociation where she proved to be a valuable asset to the organization within her fifteen-month tenure.  Based on her extensive background working and volunteering for non-profits in managerial roles, she was offered a position as Deputy Director for The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation in August 2013. She has been intimately involved in the strategic planning and implementation of the majority of our programs. In addition to her role as Deputy Director, she became our Chief Financial Officer in February 2018.  As of January 2022, Darlene has stepped up to be our Executive Director in addition to her role as Chief Financial Officer. Our very sincerest thanks to Darlene for her taking on this new role.

Darlene holds a B. A. degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences and has over 30 years of extensive experience working with non-profit organizations in Program Development/Management, Grant Writing/Management, Financial Development/Management, Office Management/Human Resources, and Volunteer Development/Management.  

In addition, she has been a dedicated volunteer creating and implementing programs for both children and animals for over 25 years.  As relates to animal advocacy, she has volunteered at a high-kill shelter where she held the position of Program Manager for canine training/socialization on the Dog Enrichment Team.  In this role she was responsible for devising and employing the program, website bios and pictures for dogs, scheduling volunteers for dog walking, dog training, and socialization for Pit Bulls/bully breeds at the shelter as their kill rate was over 90%. Darlene also developed other volunteer programs for the other program managers.  She even learned basic sign language and worked with the deaf dogs to help get them adopted! Within two months of creating and implementing her program, the adoption rate for these hard-to-adopt dogs increased by over 80%!!! The majority of dogs she worked with personally, including deaf dogs, were adopted. She adopted two of them herself!