What is the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation?

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation incorporated in the state of Maryland and doing business in California. The Foundation was established to receive and administer funds for research and education in all aspects of integrative medicine, especially as it pertains to that part which is called variously, holistic, alternative, or complementary veterinary medicine, or CAVM. The Foundation concentrates on 3 aspects: scholarships for veterinary students who are interested in this branch of veterinary medicine, research in this aspect of veterinary medicine, and support for the use of and education in this branch in veterinary schools.

Why Are You Asking for Donations?

To do research and improve educational opportunities in veterinary medicine we must fund programs. Our donations come from many places, but most donors are every day clients and veterinarians. Some donate to support projects but many donate simply to remember and memorialize a beloved pet or veterinarian. All these options exist.

Who Advises the Board of Directors?

The board of directors is an independent group. They consider issues and make policy to guide the foundation in its missions, but because veterinary medicine is such a massive field and because the area of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine is simply too large for any one person to master, the board established two Advisory Councils to assist it in its work. The board of directors and advisory council members receive no recompense from the Foundation and serve only for the public benefit of our work here.

The foundation understands that to solve problems and find real, patient-ready health solutions, we must bring all stakeholders to the table. Our organization is striving to improve the communication between academic teaching hospitals, research centers and the public for the purpose of improving veterinary care and access to holistic modalities

The Professional Advisory Council  consists of medical and veterinary professionals who are clinicians, researchers, academia and industry representatives.

The  Golden Circle consists of nonmedical professionals and community stakeholders who represent a wide number of interests in veterinary health care. These unselfish individuals know the value of integrative and holistic medicine and work to help the association in many areas of endeavor. They cover many fields including arts and entertainment, public relations, industry and product development,  and media.